Township of Greenville Rescue Squad

Greenville Rescue started service on January 1, 1975 as an all volunteer Emergency Medical Service. This service was initially located on the town square in downtown Greenville but quickly moved to a new home located on North Ohio Street. In 1997, after 21 years as a non-profit corporation Greenville Rescue came under the authority of the Township of Greenville. In May 2003, Greenville Township Rescue moved to their present building located at 1401 Sater Street Greenville, Ohio. Under the guidance of Chief Steve Wenning and Assistant Chief Brian Phillips, Greenville Township Rescue continues to provide quality Emergency Medical Services to the residents of the City of Greenville and Greenville Township.


Greenville Township Rescue has a fleet of 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, 1 Heavy Rescue Vehicle and 2 staff vehicles.


Greenville Township Rescue is staffed with 25 Paramedics, 3 Advanced EMTs and 10 EMTs. These dedicated people are a combination of Full Time, Part Time and Volunteer personnel.


 In 2008 and 2018 the squad was awarded the prestigious Star of Life Award. This award is given to exceptional EMS personnel from around the State of Ohio.

Greenville Township Rescue is an American Heart Assosciation Training Site. Over 50 instructors utilize our site and approximately 1000 CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support cards are issued through Greenville Township Rescue annually.                                                                                                                                                                         

There also is an Open Enrollment CPR class given on the first saturday of every month, unless it is a holiday weekend. No pre-registraion is required. Private or group CPR classes can be arranged through one of the instructors. Call (937) 548-9339 for more information. Click Here for the Schedule and More Information.


Greenville Township Rescue is an Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB) Car Seat Program Site. We have 4 Certified Car Seat Installation Technicians on staff. They are available to inspect and correctly install your child's safety seat. To have a car seat inspected or properly installed contact one of our technicians for an appointment. Call (937) 548-9339 for more information.


Greenville Township Rescue has in service 3 new Physio-Control Lifepak 15 Heart Monitors. The Lifepak 15s not only function as a heart monitor but have a defibrillator, pacemaker, pulse Oximeter, ETCO2 and blood pressure devises built into the units. Most importantly, the monitors are capable of performing a diagnostic quality 12 lead EKG in the field. Our personnel have been trained to interpret these EKGs and make a differential diagnosis of a Heart Attack in the field. They will then take appropriate measures to begin treating the heart attack as well as taking steps to get the patient to the most appropriate treatment facillity. The Lifepak 15s are equipped with a modem that allows Greenville Township Rescue paramedics to send the 12 lead EKG to the receiving facillity. The paramedics can then consult directly with the Medical Control Physician at that facillity concerning treatment, destination and transportation issues. The Lifepak 15s are a great addition to our service and will reduce the time of diagnosising and treating heart attacks for the citizens of Greenville Township.


Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) was instituted in March 2012. This greatly reduces the amount of paper that is generated and ultimately saved each year. In 2015, Greenville Township Rescue updated its ePCR System to include Cloud Based Patient Care Reporting and Deparmental Record Keeping. This all but eliminates the use of paper documents and provides the security of Cloud based storage and back-up.


Greenville Township Rescue provides EMS Stand-by services for multiple community events throughout the year.


Greenville Township Rescue also provides Public Assist, hosts a plethora of EMT/Paramedic students, and CPR courses.


Call Volume Totals:

2004 - 2,615   2005 - 2,584   2006 - 2,604   2007 - 2,763   2008 - 2,940   2009 - 2,569   2010 - 2,712   2011 - 2,993

2012 - 2,968   2013 - 3,001   2014 - 3,077   2015 - 3,227  2016 - 3,362   2017- 3,322   2018- 


Since their inception Greenville Rescue / Greenville Township Rescue has answered aproximately 101,635 Calls for Service and assisted aproximately 103,979 people.


As more and more runs are made every year, the dedicated people of Greenville Township Rescue will continue their education and training to be ready for the challenges of the future.


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