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General Anthony Wayne constructed the second official settlement in Darke County, Greene Ville, in 1793 along Greenville Creek. This military headquarters was the largest log fortified structure ever built, encompassing 55+ acres of land enclosed by wooden stockades and surrounded by 8 blockhouses. The fort stood for six years and was partially rebuilt during the War of 1812. In the early 1800's all of Darke County was called Greenville Township.

In August of 1794, the Legion of the United States, under the command of Gen. Wayne engaged the Indians in northern Ohio at the "Battle of Fallen Timbers". This decisive battle brought an end to some of the hostilities, and treaty negotiations soon began.

In this monumental fort, the famous Treaty of Greene Ville (also named the Wyandot Peace and Friendship Treaty) was signed by Wayne and chiefs from thirteen woodland Indian Tribes on August 3, 1795. The tribes represented were Chippewas, Delawares, Eel Rivers, Kaskaskias, Kickapoos, Miamis, Ottawa, Ottawas, Piankeshawas, Pottawattomies, Shawnees, Wyandottes and Weas. This treaty opened the Northwest Territory to white settlers and brought peace to the area.

Greenville Township is the 47th largest township in the state of Ohio, which consists of 1308 townships. We are a member of the Ohio Township Association. We are a vibrant township of 18,125 people of which almost 13,000 live in the county seat of Greenville, located in the middle of Greenville Township. Located in the center of Darke County in south-western Ohio, we are bordered by eight other townships. Greenville Township is twice as large as the next largest township, our neighbor to the east, Adams Township. We consist of 51.46 miles of excellent township roads, our own rescue squad that serves the township and the city of Greenville, a brand new state-of-the-art fire department, and the best maintained and kept buildings, cemeteries, and equipment around! The township is governed by a 3 member board of trustees, and a township fiscal officer. The Greenville Township Trustees are Justin Hines, Jeremy Edger and Seth Monnin. The township's Fiscal Officer is Susan Miles.

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Township of Greenville
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